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Not Looking Up

Not Looking Up

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Not looking up.

We are all surely guilty of that far more often than we would like to admit.

This 'Not Looking Up' wall art print explores the nature of reality when you don't look up and see the beauty that may be in view, if you would only just look.

In the sky you can see fireworks sparkling and crackling, love balloons wafting, and hot air balloons floating serenely.

The glow it all sheds is so bright that it leaves shadows on the scene below, even though it is night time.

But, still we don't look up.

Even though it screams at us to be part of it!

We are so enmeshed in wandering the desert sands of our minds that we cannot embrace what lies beyond.

Not yet breathing deeply, casting our eyes upwards to see new opportunities.

To see new horizons and new sights that may start a little chorus of music in our hearts that becomes a mighty choir.

To realise that just over the next sand dune lies what we have been looking for.

Our hero in this one is George the Westie.

(I'm thinking he must be deaf, because, honestly, he normally isn't a big fan of fireworks!)

Barren trees. Desert sands and a shadow that reaches into the distance are what greet you when you look at your feet and settle for where you are.

Be bold.

Be brave.

Look up and seize your destiny!


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