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Orange Cats World Domination

Orange Cats World Domination

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In this 'Orange Cats World Domination Canvas Art Print' you get to enjoy orange cats taking over the world!

Am I the only one who thinks that tabby cats are plotting to take over the world?

Honestly. I have no concrete evidence. No 'hidden dossiers'.

It is possible that they are simply the beautiful, furry, fish eating creatures that we all know and love.

But something makes me think that our feline friends secretly want to break out into cackles of sinister 'HA HA HA' cartoon villain style laughter, as they throw back their heads and finally reveal their plans for world domination.

This group of orange cats finally did it (bless their cotton socks).

(Side fact... Did you know that a group of cats is actually called a 'clowder'? You learn something new everyday! Back to the dastardly plotting!...)

In the middle of the picture you can see the Master Cat Villain.

He is on the brow of a hill directing all the action (Darth Vader style).

( Please note - DO NOT Listen to the Star Wars - Darth Vader Theme (it's here on YouTube by the way!) while reading about this picture)

You can see him looking powerfully straight ahead. 


We'll call him 'Max', as that is apparently one of the most popular names for Cats in the USA (if your cat is called Chloe, Bella, Oliver, Tiger, Smokey, Tigger, Lucy, Shadow, Angel, or OK... Absolutely ANYTHING else. Then you should give the Master Cat Villain that name.)

Max has cloned another orange cat (with a propeller collar - because that's the kind of 'dastardly' thing you do when you are a cat villain), over and over again.

HA HA HA....

 The sky is raining down with the orange tabby cats he has cloned!

(Evil. Pure evil.)

You can see two of the giant ginger felines looking coldly up to the sky. This is Village of the Damned for Cats! Their moment is here! Their moment is now! And they aim to make the most of it.

Revenge of the Marmalade Cat!

(Smoked salmon and sardines anyone?)

If you look all around Max, then you can see a maelstrom of energy, shifting in an out, warping space and time.

(That's all the swirly stuff on the picture)

The world will be his!

Oh yes it will!

Crikey! Makes you fancy a a piece of tuna and a bowl of milk!

Every orange cat owner the world over should have this on their wall. It's the only way to stop them!!! Buy it now!

P.S Err Sorry. You failed to stop them! You can find the follow-up to this one here, "Dog Flower Vase in the Cat Revolution".


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