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Pink Wall Art - Two Chinese Dragons On A Pink Background

Pink Wall Art - Two Chinese Dragons On A Pink Background

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This 'Pink Wall Art - Two Chinese Dragons On A Pink Background Canvas Print' is one that you can enjoy on many levels.

On this print you can see two dragons facing off against each other. There is a sense of drama as they seem to be looking at each other and sizing each other up. Their bodies twist and turn and curve in on themselves, and they have their five claws all ready to scratch (so we know that they are 'Imperial Chinese Dragons', as those were the ones that were portrayed with five claws).

You can also see a number of cranes pictured throughout the canvas.

Cranes were an important animal in ancient Chinese art. They were felt to be an embodiment of peace and longevity, and apart from the Phoenix, were the bird most often symbolized.

In addition, they were shown on the robes of the high ranking officials at court, and were a sign of status.

In the top left and right of this picture you can see two cranes with their wings outstretched flying, which was also used as a symbol of social advancement.

When they are depicted alongside flowers and clouds (as they are here), then this symbolizes wisdom, longevity and nobility.

(All traits I'm sure you'd like the world to know that you possess in abundance!)

In the middle, at the bottom you can see a depiction of a Chinese pagoda, which is a tiered tower with multiple eaves that was common (especially for buildings that were felt to hold a religious significance) in ancient China.

The height of many of these buildings is incredibly impressive, when you consider that in the times in which they were built the engineers had no access to cranes (of the metal kind!) to lift heavy wooden beams in to the sky.

The tallest such Ancient Chinese pagoda still standing is the Liodi Pagoda of Kaiyyuan Monastery, Dingxian, Hebei province, which was completed in the year 1055 AD under Emperor Renzong of Song (who was the fourth emperor of the Song dynasty in China, and who reigned for 41 years between 1022 to 1063 AD). This stands at a total height of 84 meters (275 ft) tall.

There was a taller 100 meter tall one built in 611AD, but this no longer stands. The tallest modern wooden pagoda in China is the Tianning Temple of Changzhou, which was formally opened in April 2007 and which stands at 154m (505ft) tall.

So, anyway... You get to enjoy a significantly shorter (but more colorful pagoda!) at the bottom of this piece of pink dragon art!


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