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Psychedelic Love Sauna

Psychedelic Love Sauna

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This 'Psychedelic Love Sauna' wall art print by Stuart Brown at is a celebration of colour and love!

Naturally, it contains George the Westie, because what celebration of love could possibly be complete without a West Highland White Terrier somewhere in the picture?

Saunas are also pretty awesome.

It is actually pretty cold here in the UK as I am writing this, and so a sauna/steam is one of those delicious pleasures that just flat out makes life better.

And, honestly, I do kinda like the idea of a sauna where all the wooden wall slats are different colours, and wherever you look there is a sense of life and vivacity.

In this one the sauna must have just had some 'Love Water' sprinkled on it, because in addition to the smoke, it is also emitting lots of love hearts.

So that is nice.

There is also a tree growing in here. Not just any tree though. This one is actually modelled on the 'Brown Family Oak Tree', which my Dad grew from an acorn, and which was later donated to a country park near us in Essex.

It is now about 30 years old and is growing very nicely.

The only thing I did think would be nice though is if it grew strawberries, rather than acorns, so I've set the world to rights and made that happen in this one!

Frankly, an afternoon spent with George, eating strawberries, and having a sauna all sounds very pleasant!

(Oh yep. And there is also a bunch of flowers and some stars, just in case I win an Oscar or something (unlikely, as I don't act), and so need to give a speech.

Nice and happy this one.

Makes a change from the last few!

Created for all you lovers of pink, hearts, flowers, trees, westies and smiling.

You know who you are :-)


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