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Rainbow Deconstructed

Rainbow Deconstructed

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This wall art print is called 'Rainbow Deconstructed'.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I have been watching too many food programmes!?

Those foodie folk always seem to be banging on about deconstructed cheesecake, or deconstructed apple pie (always seems to be desserts for some reason?)

So, I thought I would have my own joyous adventure and have a go at deconstructing a rainbow!

Boiling it down to its real ESSENCE and all that jazz!!

In case you don't know, there are generally held to be seven colours in a rainbow.

Those are:


Now, admittedly, I am no great 'Rainbow Expert'!

I'm not like Rainman or something and can just glance at a rainbow in the sky and pick out all the different colour hues.

(So, there is every possibility this will end up being like scientific opinion around how many planets there are, and a few more will be added or taken away, according to current opinion at the time.)

But, in any case, I thought it would be fun to go all 'abstract expressionist' on a digital canvas and throw some virtual paint around!

Specifically, with those seven colours.

This picture is what I think a rainbow would look like if it opted to do ANY of the following:

1/ Decided to have a party and got drunk.
2/ Decided it wanted to 'Dad Dance' to the latest and greatest tunes.
3/ Decided that it hadn't actually been to a 'Festival' before and that donning welly boots and enduring the rain to listen to some fairly average band, was, in fact, an idea of considerable genius.
4/ Ate a piece of fish that was on-the-turn.
5/ Turned up to an art gallery wearing a pink jacket and dark glasses, because, 'Hey, I'm an Artist! What the hell else would I wear?'

 This isn't an exhaustive list!

Anyhow, you get the idea.

The opening of the mind begets not the soul to its own disappointment, but merely reveals its own hues of abstraction.

So, I will leave you to ponder the dots and the shapes and the hues.

Movement. Colour. The kiss of shades.

They are their own truth, regardless of the intent.

Enjoy the light show!


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