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Red Octopus Repels Attack of the Killer Jellyfish

Red Octopus Repels Attack of the Killer Jellyfish

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This 'Red Octopus Repels Attack of the Killer Jellyfish' art print is a snapshot taken in the middle of a battle!

(It is like Lord of the Rings, only without Hobbits battling Sauron!)

We have our red cephalopod friend (otherwise known as a red octopus) repelling the attack of blue killer jellyfish.

Honestly, I feel bad for the guy. I mean, you wake up on a lovely sunny day, happily swimming about, doing your funky thing; and then out of the blue, you get attacked by blue Killer Jellyfish.

I mean, I ask you. Is that fair people? Hmm...Is it?

It is in moments like those that you would be glad of not only having three hearts (because you can have way more heart in a 'battle' if you have three of them to deliver up some oompfh), but also having 9 brains! All the better to outthink these slippery customers.

Doesn't that sorta blow your mind? The fact that Octopuses have 9 brains and 3 hearts?

It does me.

(I mean, if he ate a chocolate Hob-Nob biscuit, where would the sugar rush go first? One of the brains would get first dibs, and the other eight would feel very left out! Existential Hob-Nob Questions. It's the philosophical conundrum of our times people.)

They have a central brain (which presumably gets the biscuit goodness?) and 'mini-brains' in each of their eight arms, which allows each arm to work independently of the others (kinda how men often are when they watch sports or see a pretty girl; and you aren't totally sure whereabouts the 'thinking' is going on!)


Red Octopuses vs Killer Blue Jellyfish.

It's clearly a bit like that film Batman vs Superman (Super dumb. Why would a guy wearing a black suit he designed EVER be able to defeat a 'super' guy with the strength of 100 guys? All Superman would have to do is get himself the suit, and he would immediately win. Hello Script writers....)

Oh. Ok. Maybe not at all alike. But EPIC! Definitely EPIC!

This print would look super-cool on your walls.

Show you is like a Ninja Warrior or something.

Or, that you just like Red Octopus or Jellyfish?

Anyway, all good.

I'm rooting for the Big Guy!


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