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Shakti - Feminine Energy

Shakti - Feminine Energy

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Shakti is the expression of the power of feminine energy.

This is depicting the idea of 'Shakti' which is the concept of the female energetic power that is creative, sustaining, powerful and nurturing (another reason why it is sometimes referred to as "The Great Divine Mother", or "Goddess Who is The Power".

In this "Shakti" Canvas Print you can enjoy a colourful visualization of that power. It re-creates in a piece of wall art that you can enjoy in your home, the feeling of power emanating from, around and into an expression of the divine feminine.

The writing on the canvas says:


Whether you are a woman who practices yoga, meditation or are simply spiritual (or not!), then it is likely that you will have felt this power (or heard it talked about at one of your yoga, meditation, tantra, or spiritual classes).

Perhaps someone has looked at you with desire or love in their heart, and you have felt the force of your own power mirrored back to you.

Well, now you can see a physical manifestation of the idea in a piece of beautiful canvas wall art.

You are a beautiful, empowered, amazing woman. You deserve to let the world know that your power does not stop at the level of your skin, but emanates from you, around you and into you.

('Shakti' comes from Hinduism and has a Sanskrit root. I have also created the companion "Shiva - Masculine Energy" version, because men are amazing as well! Either for the powerful men in your life. Or simply because the two together would make a great centrepiece for your walls!)

Each of us has both the qualities of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within us. So having both a 'Shakti' and a 'Shiva' canvas on your walls to remind you makes a whole lot of sense.

Ladies. Embrace your power! Why not have a reminder to yourself on your walls that you are a "Goddess Who is The Power"?

Remind yourself, on a daily basis, that life is a great adventure and that you need to seize every day with all the passion, excitement and creative energy that you can bring to it.

This canvas will be a talking point in any room, immediately adding to the conversation and act as a stunning and colourful addition to your living space, yoga, meditation, fitness or prayer rooms.

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