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Sheep on the Moon

Sheep on the Moon

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This one is called "Sheep on the Moon" wall art print.

Let's be honest. You knew it all along. Didn't you?

You secretly knew that Sheep got to the moon first. Didn't you?

Next query is your typical 'Chicken and Egg' type of situation. Which came first on the Moon, the sheep or the grass?

I am thinking that the sheep in this one have done some of that there 'terraforming' type of activity that lots of US / NASA loot is currently being pumped into exploring. Where you take a 'barren' landscape and change it into something rich and fertile that is capable of supporting life.

(A handy trick no doubt if you happen to find yourself 384,400 km away from your nearest 7/11 and in want of a Can of Coke and a Snickers bar - though, honestly, I suspect that terraforming up snack food may be on the next level up of terraforming type action!)

In any case, the sheep clearly figured it out first.

So, that's nice.

I'm not sure if the astronaut in the front is saluting the American Flag, or scratching his/her head at how the hell the sheep beat the US to the punch?

Can you imagine how gutted YOU would be to rock up on the Moon, only to find someone (and a flock of sheep no less!) had got there first!?

You will note the flag of 'Sheeptopia' in the background on the hill, silhouetted against the Earth rising behind. 

Honestly, not sure if the Sheeptopian flag is waving or not? Or what 'studio' in LA this was 'filmed in' for the 'Moon Hoax' type film sequence that I know some of you unbelievers/nay sheep sayers are thinking.

You wicked people!!!

The sheep made it to the Moon first!!!

Live with it!!!

And, as all the bragging rights goes to the ones that made it first, you will also note on the right that the Sheep have set up a communication satellite to send out signals to the universe about all the colourful woollen knitwear / sweaters that they feel everyone (little green aliens included) should be wearing.

Bless and Protect the Sheep and God Bless the United States of America.

('This is one small step for a Sheep. One Giant Leap for Sheepkind' - Those were their first thoughts on landing, in case you were wondering... Along with, 'Er... where's all the grass??? Hello??? Where's all the grass???')


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