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Shipwrecks and Flowers

Shipwrecks and Flowers

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This one is called 'Shipwrecks and Flowers'.

(Technically... I guess it is just one shipwreck? Rather than shipwrecks? But, who knows right? I have visions of about 63 other boats lining up behind this one to get shipwrecked! Something in the water maybe? Perhaps this is the Suez Canal?!!! Possible. Definitely possible.)


Anyway, this is probably another one of my wall art prints with a hidden message.

Though, I'm struggling to think what it is?

Here are a couple of possibilities:

1/ Don't get caught standing on the deck of a shipwrecked boat when there is a lightning storm going on.

This is my current 'fave' theory.

I mean. You think how many volts would be going through you if you were on the deck of this boat!

"A typical lightning flash is about 300 million Volts and about 30,000 Amps. In comparison, household current is 120 Volts and 15 Amps."

Just saying... That would be BAD news, right.

2/ The flowers in the water are some deep message from my psyche about my love life and all its 'Shipwreck' type sensibilities.

Nope. Clearly not this one.

Where are the multiple types of flowers? Where are the lilies?

Why only red roses?

Where are the Semper Augustus Tulips?

If it were about love it would HAVE to feature the good ol' Semper Augustus Tulip.

What love picture is complete without one?

Side Note - I'm reading an interesting book about 'Tulip mania' at the moment. The Semper Augustus was apparently the bulb that had the highest price offered for it during the speculating frenzy (12 acres of land in 1637), which was rejected! This type of tulip no longer exists (it was rare even then), so who knows, it may have been worth it? (It looked like this apparently)


3/ Why haven't I seen the Northern Lights? Clearly they are well worth seeing! Hello McFly!!!

This is a distinct possibility.

Heavy duty Northern Light / Aurora Borealis type action going on in this one.

If I were a squirrel (or a lover of colourful type skies), I would be VERY impressed.

Squirrels = Impressive creatures.

How many nuts have you got stored up for Winter eh???

Hmmmm... How many?


Anyhow, on that 'nuts' type thought I'll leave you to get about your day.

Just to say... How cool would this look on your walls?

VERY is my guess.

(Not that I'm biased or anything).

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