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Six Dragons Rise from the Desert Sands to Do Battle

Six Dragons Rise from the Desert Sands to Do Battle

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This 'Six Dragons Rise from the Desert Sands to Do Battle' wall art print is packed with drama and excitement.

In it you can see six different types of Dragons all doing battle.

As you would expect, this is filled with a sense of danger and excitement, with flames flying around, as well as a sense of movement as the desert sands shift as these mighty beasts do battle.

This is a canvas that can be enjoyed from all angles.

Enjoy the effortless combination of colors, vibrant oranges, and the whole array of colors of the Dragons themselves.


The purple dragon in the top right has what appears to a ball on the end of his tongue, which you may be wondering about.

In actual fact, this isn't a ball at all, but a pearl! You often see Chinese Dragons with pearls in their mouths, because it was thought that it held magical powers that helped them to fly. It was also seen in Chinese mythology as a sign of good fortune and prosperity, and is a common sight in dragon figurines and sculptures (as a well as works of art).

I can only speculate who came out on top in this battle (though I am pretty sure it was a Dragon!!)

Who do you think would win?


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