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Spiritual Manifestation Art - Meditating Frog Resonates with the Universe

Spiritual Manifestation Art - Meditating Frog Resonates with the Universe

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In this 'Spiritual Manifestation Art - Meditating Frog Resonates with the Universe Canvas Print' you get to connect with a Meditating Frog. Who could ask for anything more?!

Meditation is amazing on a number of levels. 

- It makes you feel in control of your own mind.
- It makes you feel calmer.
- It centers you.

But, it does so much more then that. It isn't just a:

'Me, in isolation, making myself feel better' kind of deal.

It does do that. But it is more then that it creates a kind of resonance that reaches out beyond the bounds of its own practice time.

A researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital's (MGH) Depression Clinical and Research Program, Gaelle Desbordes, has shown that changes in the brain activity of 'subjects' (love that word! very 'sciencey' - technical term) hold steady, even when they are not meditating (as measured through MRI scans).

So, in a very real sense, the 'resonance' of meditation to impact on meditators lives, even when they aren't meditating has already been demonstrated.

(In many, many more studies then just that one.)

But, meditation is about so much more than the directly measurable.

It can be about looking at the universe. Both from within, and from without. Exploring the realms of ourselves that we don't normally reflect upon and smiling inwardly as we feel that 'meditators glow' that makes us feel like we connected to everything, and everything is connected to us.

I felt inspired to communicate that. Hence our friend the 'glowy' meditating frog canvas!

The words on the canvas are:


Whatever that means to you live it.

Feel it when you meditate.

Remember why it is you meditate.

To resonate.

To be so much more.


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