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Spread the Love Even on the Tough Days

Spread the Love Even on the Tough Days

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This 'Spread the Love Even on the Tough Days Meditation Canvas Art Print' is a commentary on the end of the planet, a dog practicing meditation and staying positive in the face of challenges (in this case an extinction level meteorite!)

When was the last time you heard of those being put together on one piece of canvas art?!

Well, anyway. I thought it would be fun to link them up.

(Though the fact it's a dog meditating wasn't actually significant. I just thought it looked cute, and meditating is meditating, no matter who does it)

Meditation is all very serious and all (you need to say the phrase 'I feel spiritually moved' to someone after every session, or it doesn't really count).

(Oh ok.. you don't really. I know some of you take everything very literally.)

But anyway, keeping a sense of proportion is important.

If you do have challenges (hopefully less big than an extinction level meteorite), then I hope that this canvas will allow you to put them in proportion.


The words on the canvas are:

Spread the Love
Even on the Tough Days

Because even though it counts on the easy days as well, it is on the tough days when YOU will experience more growth from being your best self.

This is a great quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger that sums it up: 

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

So, three steps to success:

1/ Look at this canvas on your wall.

2/ Think, "Is there an extinction level meteorite event happening today?"

3/ If not, smile. It's a good day to spread the love, meditate and grow as person.

(P.S. If there IS an extinction level meteorite event happening as you read this, then I recommend listening to the REM song, 'It's the End Of the World  As We Know It" then come back and buy the canvas! Quick! No time to lose!)


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