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Squirrel Envy - Cheetah Squirrel Shows Off His Nuts

Squirrel Envy - Cheetah Squirrel Shows Off His Nuts

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Squirrel Lovers.

You know who you are.

This one is for you!


This one is called 'Squirrel Envy - Cheetah Squirrel Shows Off His Nuts' wall art print.

It features that rarest of rare Squirrel species, the 'Cheetah Squirrel'.

Previously thought to be extinct, but now re-discovered for posterity, showing off his nut gathering skills to impress the boys.

My nuts are bigger and more plentiful then your nuts, that kind of thing.

(Males of the species. You gotta luv 'em right!)

You can tell he is a Cheetah Squirrel (and not your average, everyday, Grey or Red Squirrel) by the Cheetah-esque markings on his fur.

Previously, it had been thought that the Cheetah was the fastest animal on earth, at a reported top speed of up to around 60mph.

Now, however, David Attenborough assures me (I think it was him? I was in the pub at the time and the guy was kinda in the shadows) that your top of the line Cheetah Squirrel can top 80mph when nut gathering!

I am guessing this is how come he has so many more nuts then these two poor excuses for a squirrel in front of him?

(No 'Best Squirrel' Award at the Annual 'Nut Gatherers Ball' for them I'm thinking!)

Let me know if you spot a Cheetah Squirrel 'in the wild'.

Blink and you miss them!

This wall art print may well be your only opportunity to have one on the walls of your home!

Carpe Diem!

Seize the Day!

Seize the Squirrel Art!

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