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Strawberry Drawing Love Dot to Dot

Strawberry Drawing Love Dot to Dot

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In this "Strawberry Drawing Love Dot to Dot Canvas Print" you can see a close-up of a strawberry with the 'dots' of its seeds joined up to form the word 'LOVE'.

I often think with food that it has hidden depths! And this strawberry is clearly getting with the program and fully expressing it.

In reality, as well as being a cute idea (and rather nice to look at), there is actually quite a lot of real-world evidence for symetry in nature.

When we think of symetry we tend to think of proportion, angles, and the idea of perfection, as well as a sort-of secret code, that we sense is there, but aren't really sure exactly how. One such example that you may be aware of in human symetry was expressed by that greatest of geniuses Leonardo Da Vinci, when he drew his Vitruvian Man sketch in around 1490.

This illustrated a man with four outstretched arms and four legs, being placed within a circle, to illustrate the natural symetry of the human body.

According to Leonardo in the accompanying notes to the work: 

"For the human body is so designed by nature that the face, from the chin to the top of the forehead and the lowest roots of the hair, is a tenth part of the whole height; the open hand from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger is just the same; the head from the chin to the crown is an eighth...etc etc"

In other words, he looked at something we can all see, the human body, and saw patterns that others didn't.

So too it is with the humble strawberry...

It's actually quite an interesting fruit anyway (regardless of its artistic potential!).

First off, have you ever wondered why a strawberry has its seeds on the outside?

Apparently, strawberries are the only fruit that do that. Weird!

And there are on average around 200 seeds (or as I like to call them 'potential dot to dot patterns'!) on every single one.

So, if you ever find yourself at the Wimbledon Tennis tournament, and naturally decide to have a bowl of strawberries and cream, then you will be consuming around 2000 strawberry seeds! (Wimbledon have a minimum of 10 strawberries per portion).

(Nice! Makes you wonder why no-one has ever had a strawberry plant grow out of them? 2000 opportunities per Wimbledon visit! That might make another good picture me thinks...)

As an aside... Do you know where the idea of putting 'Strawberries and Cream' together comes from?

Well, according to the interwebs, it was actually created by Thomas Wolsey in the court of King Henry VIII! It was first served at a banquet to honor the King in 1509. So, there you go...

Anyhow... Strawberry symetry... Have a look at the Strawberry Drawing Love Dot to Dot Canvas Print... See how evenly those seeds are actually distributed. That isn't an accident. There is something very profound going on here.

With this canvas I'm not sure if it's the strawberry doing the dot to dot drawing or us?

If I think the word 'LOVE' then you won't know it (however much you look into my eyes).

But a strawberry has its seeds.

All the seeds of other fruit are on the inside (though I'm hardly a botanist! So who knows, it may be like black swans in Australia! There could be more...)

A strawberry wears them on the outside.

To me that is a silent declaration.

It is like someone knowing I have a spot on the end of my nose (I don't!) Because they can see it.

I don't need to tell them.

It is there for all to see.

I like to think that this is exactly like that.

The LOVE was always there. Someone just needed to point it out by joining up the dots.


Have this on your wall and know that it isn't just a cute picture of a strawberry with LOVE written on it. 

It is an embodiment of your internal world.

It is you declaring that while the facade may be calm. The internal fire of your world is burning.

Have your seeds on the outside.

Draw together the dots and show the world your love! 


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