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Success Vultures - Climb the Ladders of Success

Success Vultures - Climb the Ladders of Success

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Engage with this "Success Vultures - Climb the Ladders of Success Canvas Print" and consider the philosophy of success!

You have the backdrop of a wall on which are perched six ladders. In front of the ladders is an old tree with knarled branches that seem to reach out for the sky, all the while they are drying under a baking sun.

On the branches of the tree are a committee of vultures (that IS actually what a group of vultures is called, so, wonderfully relevant to the web of cultural machinations I am spinning here.)

On the ground you can see scattered all manner of rubbish and detritus, including an old corrugated iron roof that seems to have been discarded carelessly on the floor (haven't these people heard of recycling!!? Oh... wait a minute 'these people' are actually vultures, so probably not!).

The wall is one of those 'oldy worldy' ones that makes you think of Westerns starring John Wayne or Gary Cooper, with a kind of 'lived-in' feel that makes you want to look closely at them for bullet holes, while you stroke the wall and say out loud...

"If only this wall could talk."

(Regrettably, I don't have the power to make the wall talk)

The 'Success Vultures' are hanging out on the tree in their 'committee', no doubt planning some evil scheme (because that is what success vultures do - you'll just have to trust me on this).

The ladders of success that are perched on the wall also spell out the word 'SUCCESS'. 

We can see the ups and downs of the letters, as all the while the success vultures hover over them, waiting to pounce on their carcass and eat them up if they happen to slip off.

Note particularly the second 'C'... That isn't even on the ladder! Because all of us slip off the ladder of success sometimes, and end up precariously perched between two potential outcomes.

In this case, just the edge of the branch and the corner of one strut of the ladder.

OH NO!!!!


(Feel free to play suspenseful music while reading this - I recommend Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings - Beautiful)

Fortunately, they seem to make it back on... Note the 'E'...

(So that's nice)

Anyway, above all this, at the very top of the picture you can see the promised land of green fields, plenty and an abundance of the flowers of success.

It isn't actually that far off...

Just a few rungs on the ladder...

You CAN do it!

I believe in you!

If you believe in yourself then get this canvas print for your walls, look at it every day and remind yourself that no vulture is going to have you.

Someone has to be successful.

Why not you?


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