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The Chains that Bind Us

The Chains that Bind Us

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This wall art print is called 'The Chains that Bind Us'.

For all of us these are different.

Yet, in truth, many are all too common to many of us.

They might be the social media chains of Facebook or Instagram, TikTok or Twitter.

The colourful chains (and yep... it has a 'u' in the UK!) that come along with all of that.

Be they the chains of having to dress a certain way. Appear to be living a certain lifestyle. Posting a certain way. Whatever.

If you are an 'influencer'... Heaven forbid! Poor you. Then the chains get even tighter, even as they seem more colourful.

Hence, the wave of people who seem to have it all, yet tragically, we learn later have all kinds of hang-ups about being in the public eye and the pressures it brings.

For others...

 The chains may be their family. Their children even. They may be ever so colourful. They may be bright and shiny and sparkle in the sunlight. But they can still be heavy chains to carry.

Or, it may be work. The stress and pressure of having to 'perform'. Whether that 'performance' be in an office, or in a the glaring spotlight of the worlds media, such as we saw in the pressures on many of the athletes in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

There isn't always a whole lotta logic to what weighs down our particular lives.

But we know what they are.

Like the morphing sands of a desert, they shift and meander, and form new peaks and troughs on a daily basis, even as the winds gently blow.

We are never free of them.

Yet... There can be a helping hand. Someone to help us up the sandy ridge and see from the top again. 

So, never think you are alone.

Don't be afraid to ask for help with the chains you carry.


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