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The Honey Hijack - You Snooze, You Lose

The Honey Hijack - You Snooze, You Lose

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This wall art print is called "The Honey Hijack - You Snooze, You Lose".

It manages to combine... A Brown Bear, a Raccoon, a Hive of Bees (dripping with honey!) and Springtime. 

Honey is amazing. It tastes great and is an all-natural product. (Nothing better than a nice thick piece of toast with ample slatherings of honey on it... I digress).

The two main protagonists in this one seem to agree, as they have all made a beeline for this particular tree.

However, our Brown Bear buddy is stretching after what looks like a pleasant nap.

But, as the title of this one is "The Honey Hijack - You Snooze, You Lose", you can have a pretty fair guess that something is about to go down.

Sneaking up on the prize of all that delicious honey is our Raccoon buddy, climbing up the trunk of the tree.

Oh well, all's fair in honey hijacking!

In the background it is all wonderfully 'Springy' (I may have just made that up); with a tree filled with spring blossoms, flowers all around, and butterflies happily doing their 'butterfly thang'.

All in all, very idyllic.

You can also see the bees milling about, blissfully unaware of the dastardly deed that is about to be done!

Oh NO!!!

Save the Hive!

(Bee art and honey art. Who doesn't like smiley, happy bees? At least one piece of food art should be standard on everyone's walls!)

Anyway, it's lovely and bright. It's very cheerful, with vibrant colors and a message of the dangers of sleeping too long on a sunny day (if you happen to be a Brown Bear).

It is bound to make you feel good whenever you see it (or hungry. Take your pick).

Show them the honey!!

You love it Brown Bear, Spring, Raccoon, Flower fans (you are a select band, but you know who you are).


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