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The Lion with the Lightning Eyes

The Lion with the Lightning Eyes

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Lions with Lightning coming out of their eyes....

Not something you see every day!


Unsurprisingly, this wall art print is called, 'The Lion with the Lightning Eyes'.

He is clearly a tough guy.

Lots of electricity and the power of nature attracted to him and coming from him.

This is the way life is for all of us.

Never a linear journey.

The lightning comes and goes at different times.

Sometimes it shines so bright it seems to emanate from our very being.

This is one such moment for this big fella.

Other times it dims...

But the potential for it to flare up is always there.

Not like some malevolent spot on your chin that flares up just when you are about to go on a date though!


Heaven forbid!

Rather, like the moment you looked into someone's eyes and knew for sure, unequivocally, that you loved them.

The lightning of life.

Crackling with a blue effervescence that is the very stuff of thought set free to soar and climb and grow.

Be bold!

Release your lightning on the world!

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