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The Love Carousel

The Love Carousel

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"The Love Carousel" is another in my cheerful wall art series about the power of love.

No. Really. It is.

In the distance on the left (in a desert no less) is the "First Love" carousel. This is relatively small, but is well preserved, complete with love hearts, fond memories and just a touch of glitter that makes it all seem somewhat better then it probably actually was.

Then, on the back right, is the "Hope Springs Eternal" carousel. It is a good deal bigger and sometimes seems to take an age to go all the way around. But there are good views some of the time. It gradually sinks into the sand as time ebbs its own sweet way, all the while spinning in the same circle it has always spun on, and helping to make you sore from sitting too long, and a little bored at the lack of variety.

The sands of time drift and we find ourselves looking at a heap of rusting junk at the front that has flaking paint that bears a striking colour resemblance to the 'Hope Springs Eternal" carousel (funny that! Who knew?)

It looks like it has been there a long, long time.

Next to it are a rusting sign that says, "SORRY CLOSED" on it.

(Where is the sheriff when you want him to clear up this kind of stuff? This is a pristine desert! It is a disgrace!)

Just behind all this is a sign saying "Love Oasis" pointing in six different directions. 

But that is at an angle in the sand, and doesn't seem to be in good shape either.

At this point I feel like I should point out that it's just as well I don't believe in any of that 'Freudian' stuff.

No desert sands for me!

You should buy one of these for all of your single friends (or yourself) who are extremely bored of the love carousel and who really want to find a love oasis.

Now go and listen here to All You Need is Love by The Beatles

They sing about it (a lot), so it must be easy to find.

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