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The Love Squid

The Love Squid

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This is a special one for all the lovers out there! (And also the ones who have ambitions in that direction!)

This one is called 'The Love Squid'.

As I write this it is Valentine's Day! So that is rather exciting. Hearts and flowers and warm kisses and nice meals (hopefully).

The more observant amongst you will notice that there are 10 hearts...that is because squids have 10 arms.

That is a whole-lotta arms.

(If I am entering a juggling competition I will do my best to not get put up against a squid. Just saying)

Anyhow, you can see him in this one throwing out his tentacles to the world. All ten of them shoving out the electric power that is love.

Merging and dancing between the inky darkness and the eternal dance that it is to connect with another soul and know that you love and are loved.

Sending you all the love in the world!


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