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The Pied-Piper of Bitcoin

The Pied-Piper of Bitcoin

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"The Pied-Piper of Bitcoin" wall art print is a tongue in cheek reflection on the rise and rise and rise of Bitcoin.

As you can see, much of this uses the most excellent cover to the November 1924 edition of 'People's Home Journal' (drawn by artist Louise Clasper Rumley), which though no-one has heard of it today, was actually around for over 40 years between 1885  and 1929.

I just couldn't resist it!

This one positively cried-out to be 'updated' for the modern age!

So, instead of pumpkins and lanterns they are instead carrying Bitcoin Banners and Bitcoin Lanterns (who even knew that such things existed?)

While all following The Pied Piper of Bitcoin who is stringing them all along with a merry old tune!

Now, who knows how Bitcoin will all turn out?

As I write this the price is booming, Elon Musk is buying billions of Bitcoins (literally), and plenty of other people I respect are jumping onboard the Bitcoin train. 

(So, I may well do as well).

NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens), Etherium and all  that jazz, have now become big news as someone recently sold their digital art for $69 million (which, as Tony Robbins would say, doesn't pay the bills, but is a good start).

So, we'll have to see I guess.

Everyone is smart in retrospect!

So, it could well be that this particular Pied Piper is leading you to a big ol' house, a ton of cash and the promised land.

Could be.

Could also be Tulip mania or The South Sea Bubble!

Time will tell I guess!

Until then, enjoy this updated magazine cover for the modern age!


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