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The Rise of the Fire Ants

The Rise of the Fire Ants

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The Rise of the Fire Ants wall art print.

I thought I would explain this one by way of a poem!


The Rise of the Fire Ants

By Stuart Brown - 10th May 2021

Dance. Dance upon the sky,
For we that know the way home must die.
Wandering in and out of fire,
To dwell with comrades in the mire.

We know not the thorns of indifference,
Or the thrust of the cowards heart.
Ours is a battle that we must fight,
Even as the flames gain new heights.

Our Pirates' Flag in heady sway,
Upon the hardened, reddened clay
Of blood, and sweat and tears
But always theirs.

Death the pivot of our thrusts,
The never-ending movement must,
Twist toward our territorial endeavours,
Cast aside the lizards innards.

Know us for what we are.
The movement of a greater star,
Never silenced as the planets move,
A single flaming heart to beat the warriors drum.

Hear Us!
Hear Us!
For we will not be silenced.
Ours a very particular kind of violence.

Delivering smoke where forests lay,
For us to always fight another day,
And know that when the days fight is done.
We are one. We are won.


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