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The Westie Tree of Knowledge

The Westie Tree of Knowledge

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'The Westie Tree of Knowledge Wall Art Print' celebrates the special gift of West Highland White Terriers to fill your day with love and joy.

The 'special one' who modelled for this particular artwork is called George, and he is indeed a handsome beastie.

In the background we can see someone walking across a desert wilderness to reach the fabled 'Westie Tree of Knowledge'.

We have no idea how this person found out about the tree, or where it is located (Westies are notoriously secretive about this sort of stuff. I imagine it is a bit like those old Tarzan films where Johnny Weissmuller would help the elephants out by not revealing to the bad guys where the 'elephants graveyard' was located).

So, it is all rather mysterious.

But what we can see is a haze coming off the desert sands from the retained heat of the sun, and a rather broody and foreboding looking sky.

Coming out of the top left-hand corner of the picture is a rather impressive lightning bolt, whose power arcs down to join with the tree and all the (no doubt) very wise Westies that it contains.

This is probably like the Supreme Court of Westies! (Only there are only 8 of them, rather then 9, so perhaps one of them is having a break and has gone for a walk?)

The person is walking purposefully across the desert sands, leaving a trail of footprints in their wake.

I imagine it has been a long and perilous journey to get to the tree.

What question will he ask the Westies?

Can they even talk?

Not sure. 

What would your dog say it it was stuck up a tree in the middle of a desert?

('GET ME DOWN BOZO!!' I am guessing!)

Anyway, this artwork would make a fine and smile inducing addition to your home.

Once a Westie is in your heart they never leave.

 (So you may as well have them on the wall as well!)

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