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Westie Concert Pianist

Westie Concert Pianist

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This wall art print is called "Westie Concert Pianist".

It features George the Superstar Westie. But feel free to transpose in your mind whatever Westie you happen to know and love onto the ivories.

It is sort of my idea of what would happen if a West Highland White Terrier decided that they wanted to be a concert pianist.

(Now, admittedly, there are, slightly, more likely scenarios e.g. fatal meteorite strike wiping out the Earth, me winning the lottery etc But hey, I figure it's possible.)

(Oh yep. It would also require me to either have a gigantic piano, or for the Westie in question to be the size of Stuart Little. But hey, Tom Thumb, Stuart Little, The Borrowers... I've seen all the movies, so I figure that scientifically there must be a chance? Right?)

I will also admit to feeling all warm and cuddly inside that he decided to play on one of those ultra rare, Westie 'Stuart Brown' Grand Pianos, note the brand slightly above and to the right of middle c in the artwork.

I did think long and hard about whether our Westie Maestro would wear a tux to play the piano.

On balance, I figured he probably wouldn't.

After all, he doesn't wear a tuxedo to:

  • piddle in the park
  • run after a ball
  • eat his dinner, or
  • make sweet, sweet love to a female Westie (not much chance of that George - sorry about that mate!)

So, really, I do doubt he would put one on to play the piano.

West Highland Whites really are rather down to earth dogs.

So, Au Naturel for him I am thinking.

Far, Far more likely I think is that he would get distracted and either wander around aimlessly on the keyboard, take a nap, or decide to sniff random keys endlessly.

So, that is the general vibe you are getting here.

I'm not actually sure how much playing George ended up doing?

Possibly, not very much.

Though, if you look closely at George on the top right I think he is standing on the black key? Possibly about to sit down and have 40 winks (naps are for winners!). So, in my mind at least, he is considering having a stab at playing Fur Elise with his bottom (I wish him well. The second half is really tricky! So, GO GEORGE!)

Anyways, this would look simply splendiferous in a music room, or above the bed of your Westie (to try to send him subliminal messages while he sleeps not to bark while YOU are playing the piano.)

Pianos and Westies.

Two of my favourite things! 


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