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Westie Fever

Westie Fever

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This wall art print is called 'Westie Fever'.

It features that most amazing of the Universe's energy bundles, the West Highland White Terrier.

But not just any Westie...

No Sirreeee!!!

This one is George the Westie.

His head redolent with the scent of forever.

Like James Bond. No dog does it better.

Drifting in and out of colour. For we are nothing if not the colours of our minds set forth to chart whatever quest we seek to find for ourselves.

None of which takes away from the simple fact that a wall with a Westie on it has to be wall that makes you smile every time you see it.

Has to be a safe place that is about love and kisses and kindness all mixed in with gruff tenacity and a take no prisoners take on life.

Westie Art. You gotta love it.

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