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Windmills in a Desert

Windmills in a Desert

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This one is called "Windmills in a Desert" wall art print.

Go on! Guess Why!!!???

Oh ok. I'll give you a clue....

It's because these is windmills in a desert.

It's all suddenly making sense, isn't it.

Art. Deep, deep, deep stuff (like Haagen Daz ice cream - only less tasty!)


Also putting in an appearance are camels and their riders, and a flock of sheep.

Honestly, I'm not sure how come they happen to be moseying on down around and about these particular windmills at this particular time?

It is clearly yet another of life's great mysteries that I literally have no answer too.

(Like, how do people manage to complete the crossword puzzles in newspapers without cheating? How? How? How?)

Anyways people.

Feel the sun on your back. Stroke a sheep. Wonder where the hell the camels are going (in my imagination I figure they are probably taking their riders a merry old dance and are actually heading to the nearest oasis for a drink. I could be wrong, of course).

The blades of the windmills will keep on turning, I'm sure.

Though... Come to think of it... How much wind is there in a desert?

So, they probably won't.

Oh well.

Never mind.

It's art people.

Weird stuff is meant to happen!

Think of it as a talking point for when your guests ask what the hell is going on in the picture on your wall!

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