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Anyone Seen the Wine?

Anyone Seen the Wine?

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In this 'Anyone Seen the Wine?' canvas print, you get to enjoy all the joys of wine, without even seeing a wine bottle!

Wine! Wine! Glorious Wine!

In this slightly tongue-in-cheek canvas you get to feast your eyes on some glorious and delicious varieties of grape (which is where wine comes from - you knew that right? :-))

The words on the canvas are:


(I said it was tongue-in-cheek!)

You can see red and white grapes, pictured on a light, impressionistic style wrap-around canvas (so that even looking at the sides you may feel thirsty!)

On the picture you can see the interplay of shadows, light and dark, as the grapes seem to mingle with each other.

This is one of those works of art that will reward closer-inspection with new details and nuances every time you look at it.

If you read around then you will find that there are apparently over 10,000 wine grape varieties; so that is a lot of grapes that potentially could end up as the liquid nectar.

(Though, it does have to be said that grapes are used for a lot more than just wine! Raisins, grape juice, jams, jelly, and just to eat fresh, to name just a few. So it may just be that you love grapes and want this canvas print on your wall because, well, it just looks cool.)

Whatever your reasons, this stunning canvas will be a talking point in any room, immediately adding to the conversation and act as a colorful addition to your living space.

Or, alternatively, if you run a cafe, restaurant, or takeaway, then this would be a perfect canvas to have on your walls to give your customers more ideas about how thirsty they really are! (And want to order another bottle)

The fact is that fruit is great to look at and very visually appealing. So, no matter what your reasons, this is a piece that will work.

This would be a great work of art to have in a kitchen, or anywhere where you want to feel the vibrancy of nature.

It would also make a great gift! So, if you know someone who loves wine, then why not buy this for them?

I'm sure it will be appreciated (and they may just invite you over to share a bottle as a thank you).

In any case...

What better canvas to have on your wall then something that makes you look forward to the joys of drinking a glass of wine?

(Or even eating grapes... If you must!)

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