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Yoga Asanas Art - Yoga Dogs Practicing Poses in the Desert Sands

Yoga Asanas Art - Yoga Dogs Practicing Poses in the Desert Sands

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All Hail Yoga Asanas Art - Yoga Dogs Practicing Poses in the Desert Sands Canvas Print! (Crikey! That is a mouthful, right!?)

These yoga dogs have clearly been reading all kinds of self-help books about 'Fearing the Fear and Doing It Anyway' (is there one of them for dogs?) Because they are 100% committed to their yoga practice.

Here it is. Like 120 degree heat. The sun burning down. Yet, these fearless yoga dogs still step up to the plate to complete their yoga asanas and feel the love.

No yoga pose is beyond them!

Check out the yellow one! Those legs are all over the place. I mean that is some real contortionist magic going on there. He has two legs in the air and his head has swiveled right round so that it is pointing in a totally different direction. 

You try doing that move in the middle of a whole load of shifting desert sands!


You should encourage them by buying this canvas and bowing down to the wonders of their technique.

Look at that pink one go!

(I have a feeling the the pink one is the yoga instructor and that the others are the students. Their moves are tricky, but still easier, so it seems to make sense).

I mean that pink one not only has his head flipped on over, he is doing a handstand, all the while trying to touch his tail to his nose.

That is what I call dedication!

I wish I could do that in a normal yoga studio, let alone the shifting sands of the desert!

(In comparison blue is in a chair, feet up, eating a pizza and guzzling on a Bud Light. Still, even he is in a desert. So top marks for that. 120 degree heat and an extended yoga class aren't a great mix. Ever have the air conditioning fail in a yoga class? That is probably what it feels like.)

Anyway, impressive stuff.

See it. Feel it. Do your yoga practice.

That's the message.

Then salute the pink yoga dog afterwards on your wall for having done it better than you!



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