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The 12 Faces of a Yoga Student

The 12 Faces of a Yoga Student

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In this '12 Faces of a Yoga Student Canvas Art Print' I explore the joys of Yoga practice from the perspective of the student of yoga and the expressions they wear on their face! (Linked to their emotional response to the yoga practice)

I don't know about you, but normally when I see yoga being talked about, it is always from the perspective of the finished practice. I feel great at the end, and sort of forget about how I might have felt at the beginning, or at different times through the practice.

This canvas is a sort-of (because it's often true! For me at least!) tongue-in-cheek look at the personal journey we go on in an yoga practice, through the perspective of the looks on our face.

The words on the canvas are:


Here is my take on what I meant by those faces (you will obviously have your own, but you may be able to relate to some :-))

(Starting with the face on the bottom left (number 1), then moving up and around clockwise until you finish on the one on the bottom right (number 11), with the big face in the middle as the final one (number 12))

1 - 'I've just woken up. Do I have to do this?'
2 - 'Man I'm stiff! I kinda ache!'
3 - 'My foot/hand/head isn't designed to be in this position. How come Adriene makes this look so simple?'
4 - 'I am sweating! Am I supposed to sweat during a yoga practice?'
5 - 'I'm tired. I really should be in bed! ('Perhaps I should just do 'Prayer Pose' and then the 'Yoga Relaxation?')
6 - 'No!! Not THAT Asana!'
7 - 'This is starting to feel kinda good.'
8 - 'Head buzzing... Head Buzzing... Nice! Ajna Chakra Tastic!'
9 - 'I'm glad I'm doing this. I feel soooooo much better.'
10 - 'I am LOVING this!'
11 - 'Cool! I'm flowing like a river!'
12 - 'Peace out. I feel calm and balanced. Time to have an amazing day!'

Anyway, I thought I'd explain my thinking!

You can give the faces any meaning you like, or none at all.

In any case, hopefully it will make you smile when you look at it on your wall, and it will remind you that the good stuff you will experience from practicing yoga is worth the niggles that your mind may randomly throw your way.

(Or, it may make a great present for a friend who you know practices yoga.)

I've added some lovely flowers around the edge. Largely because I like flowers!

(Actually, they are sort of succulent cactus type plants if you look closely. Cacti are kinda amazing. They can live in very barren, waterless places, and yet produce an abundance of beauty regardless. I think there is probably a good metaphor for life in there somewhere...)

You don't need to analyse it to enjoy it :-)

When you look at this canvas on your wall I want you to smile, feel great and know that TODAY is a great day to become a better version of yourself.

Enjoy your practice.


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