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Zen Art - Lightning Always Strikes Twice When You Meditate

Zen Art - Lightning Always Strikes Twice When You Meditate

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In this 'Zen Art - Lightning Always Strikes Twice When You Meditate Canvas Print' I take a philosophical look at meditation while admiring a dramatic backdrop of lightning and water.

In this canvas you can see someone meditating (perhaps they are a Zen Master? Perhaps not? Maybe they just got lost and woke up in the middle of a stream?)

They are on top of a rock in the middle of a river, assuming a classic meditation posture, with the water flowing all around them.

They are looking out on a dramatic scene of different types of lightning, colors melding into each other and nuances of tonal range from yellows to purple.

A view over water and sun to the horizon.

You can see that some of the lightning hits the meditator, both on the shoulders and sides of their arms, as well as the top of their head.

This is the good type of lightning though!

The kind that happens when you meditate. The type that signals that you are both a source of great energy and power, as well as a fantastic receiver of that very same power.

In a very real sense you are at one with the universe when you meditate.

You flow with it, and it flows with you.

It is like a dance.

In you, through you, around you.

Cascading like light from a rainbow.

It is white light. Electrifying every cell of your body. Making you more alive. Energizing you. Reminding your every cell that you are alive and moving and engaging with every other cell.

The message on the canvas is:



Because this dance doesn't just happen once.

When you tango with the universe then it never lets you go.

Every time. White Light. Power. A merging.

This is no co-incidence. This is engaging with what it truly means to be at peace with yourself.

This is what meditation is really about.

Around our meditator you can see the flux of energy.

The awakening of Kundalini, which is the exceptional potential power that lies dormant in every human being, and the energizing of the chakras.

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) at the top of the head swimming in the cosmic sea.

Shiva and Shakti Power.

You, and yet not you, something greater.

Zen Power!

Tantric Power!

Spiritual Power!

Call it what you like....

Something boundless that stretches beyond the extent of what appears to be you.

When you open your eyes it is to see colors for the first time.

To know that parts of you are now awake that were previously slumbering.

THAT is what this canvas is about.

To be the YOU that is MORE.

I wish that for you with all my heart.


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