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Zen Art - Pollinate Your World With Love

Zen Art - Pollinate Your World With Love

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In this 'Zen Art - Pollinate Your World With Love Canvas Print' you can see a big ol' world and the idea of being a source of love in your world.

Wherever you go the one person you HAVE to bring with you is yourself.

There is no avoiding you.

No matter how many courses you do, or books you listen too. No matter how many distractions you throw in your path. Whether they be positive, or destructive. Wherever you go, you come along for the ride.

It is therefore vital that you make like the bees and pollinate your world with love!

Make sure that on a number of levels you are operating at your best.

This doesn't mean 'appearing' to be the loving version of yourself.

Not fake smiles and 'I'm just fine dear' to those around you.

At the surface we can all put on a show.

We can all act like a Zen Master for a short time! (By the way... here is another piece of Zen Art we have you might like :-))

There is a great quote (often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, though, in all honesty, the etymology of it is somewhat dubious, but it matters not for our purposes :-) The idea is sound), that sums this up:

"You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

Don't kid yourselves folks!

If you are going to be honest to just one person.

Make it Yourself!

Have your days be an expression of the best you.

The loving one that radiates.

The one that pushes out so much light people can 'feel' you at fifty paces.

On this canvas I've put the words:



It's a message I like.

It feels 'real' to me.

Did you know that according to Merriam Webster dictionary, Bees pollinate approximately 75% of the fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the United States?

So, three-quarters of the stuff we eat from the ground, trees, bushes and soil, we have the amazing bees to thank for being a vital link in the chain that made it happen.

This canvas is all about YOU being that vital link in the chain of love for your own world.

The flower that blooms.

Loving yourself.

Giving love.


The whole enchilada.

I hope you like it and that having it on your wall will remind you that the whole world is encapsulated in the ways we live our lives.

So, why not live them with love?

You're important.

Remember that.


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