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Zen Art - Six Colored Buddha Heads on a Pink Background

Zen Art - Six Colored Buddha Heads on a Pink Background

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In this 'Six Colored Buddha Heads on a Pink Background Canvas' I move Buddha heads into the Andy Warhol realm :-)

Clearly, this one was inspired by Andy Warhol.

But, seeing as I didn't have Marilyn Monroe available to model for me (more's the pity!) I thought I would instead use Buddha heads.

I have always liked the look of Buddha heads. They combine quite a lot of elements . They have their own sense of innate symmetry, but are also inherently architectural in nature.

They are therefore often designed to be appealing to more of the senses.

If you visit some of the amazing Buddhist temples around the world, then you often see this. The statues of Buddha are at the heart of them for spiritual reasons, but, in addition, they are iconic symbols.

In a very real sense they are like a brand.

You get a 'feeling' when you see a Buddha head.

Generally, it imbues positive connotations. You think of things like peace and love, karma, redemption.

You lift yourself in your mind into that realm, because that is ultimately what branding is all about. It is about values. You have to believe there is something going on beyond the surface. You are buying something more than trainers when you buy Adidas or Nike for example. You are buying a 'feeling', in addition to any actual purchase.

The same I think is true with the iconography of the Buddha.

There is real power there. A real sense of something beyond the surface.

I wanted to explore that by taking one Buddha head and then giving it six different colors. Imbuing it visually with the same sense of the multi-faceted that we have of it emotionally.

In our minds it is ALREADY colorful.

That is what peace and love and karma and caring and all the other emotions we naturally give it are.

We color our lives with our emotions.


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