Collection: Animals

In this section I have put together the different animal wall art that is available on

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I have gathered all the different animal art into one section for your convenience. So, you'll also find horse art, monkey art, butterfly art, bee art, bird artelephant artfrog art, cat art / orange cat artwestie art, cow art, bison art and many other types of animal wall art in this section. (Please note, Dragon Art has its own section)

One of the great things about the animal world is the amazing diversity of the creatures that are all around us. There are reckoned to be around 8.7 million species of animals on Earth, with around 6.5 million land species, and 2.2 million animals in the oceans.

So, clearly, it is impossible to have a piece of animal wall art for each of them! It is however humbling to consider that even animals where you could maybe think of thirty or forty breeds (dogs for example) are actually far more numerous then you may realise (there are currently reckoned to be 340 breeds of dog).

Amazingly, while 8.7 million animal species may sound like a lot, the same study (by Census of Marine Life Scientists in 2011) estimates that 91% of all sea species and 86% of all land species have yet to be described, discovered and catalogued.

With many disappearing and becoming extinct before we even knew they existed.

Now THAT is a sobering thought....

Anyhow, in this animal art collection...enjoy the Orange Cats who are all about world domination! Gain knowledge from West Highland White Terriers! Or help to unlock the heart of the Self Love Penguin! Enjoy!